Some folks suggested that I needed a hearing aid, but I said, “They were only for old people.” My daughter said that her daughter (age 7) loved “Coach Robertson” her soccer coach, but also a local audiologist. She said, “He helped her hear-even when she was talking!” Armed with this recommendation from my granddaughter, I was examined by Dr. Robertson. I was impressed by his demeanor, professionalism, thoroughness, and ability to communicate. I get my hearing aid – TOMMORROW!!

We have been patients of Robertson Hearing Clinic since 2003. Our experience has been that RHC is knowledgeable with the latest technology, reliable in backing their hearing aid products and friendly. Dr. Robertson asks the right questions to get his patients to describe their hearing problems. He works with his patients to optimize their hearing equipment. Even though we live in Tacoma we would not consider any other hearing clinic.

I am very pleased with your very professional services and friendly attitudes. I am very pleased with my “state of the art” hearing aids and services!

Dr. Robertson,
I would like to express my appreciation for the services I have received at your Clinic. I have had my
hearing aids for 2 years and I am very satisfied with them and the service I received from you. I know
that under your watchful care I was able to adjust to my aids quickly and have not had any problems. I
have referred my friends to you because of your expertise in audiology and hearing loss. What a gift you
are to our community.
Thank you.

I have been going to the Robertson Hearing Clinic ever since I found that I have hearing loss.
Dr. Robertson and his staff are very professional and informative. They provided me with the appropriate contacts for any supplies I might need and have been most helpful in everything I ask or need.
I would not consider going any place else.

Recently Laura and I were in your clinic for her evaluation and replacing of her one hearing aid with two hearing aids that were more up to date technologically.
We were impressed with the compassion and understanding of Dr.Robertson and his professionalism and down to earth answers to any and all questions that we threw at him. We felt that it was a good choice to choose the Robertson Hearing Clinic as our ongoing place for further help.
We would recommend the Robertson Hearing Clinic to anyone with a hearing problem.
Thanks Again.

I have been a client of Robertson Hearing Clinic for over three years. I can only describe the service as superior to any others I have used in the field of audiology.
Dr. Robertson was discovered by word of mouth from a friend who, as a client, was also greatly satisfied with his work. From the very beginning, Dr. Robertson accomplished what others could not. His advice enabled me to reopen a fifteen year old claim that has proven invaluable to my current hearing abilities.
The patience and professionalism displayed during each and every visit to the clinic has been extraordinary. Appointments are always timely and readily available, administered by the wonderful and compassionate receptionist Lois.
I would recommend the Robertson Hearing Clinic to all of my acquaintances with hearing diagnostic and rehabilitative needs.
Great service and Great People!

For the past 12 years I have been a patient of the Robertson Hearing Clinic. My experience has been very positive and Dr. Robertson has been extremely helpful in assisting me with the decisions I’ve had to make given my level of Hearing Loss. I would recommend Dr. Robertson and the clinic to anyone in need of their services.

We have had a very positive experience at Robertson Hearing Clinic. Alex Robertson was recommended to us in 2001 and has been caring for our hearing needs ever since. We selected him not only for his training and knowledge as an audiologist but for his caring manner and integrity. During our initial visits he helped us understand our hearing loss and how hearing aids could compensate. He is very patient and truly takes time to “go the extra mile” to make sure to fit us with the correct hearing aids. He is very precise when making adjustments as needed. Many people come to Robertson Hearing Clinic from out of the Tumwater area. The location of the clinic has easy access and parking. The office environment is neat, clean and organized. The office staff is so friendly and helpful. We can schedule our appointments together. They always see us promptly. We have recommended Alex Robertson to family and friends. They have been pleased with his service too. Once again, it is a pleasure to be cared for at Robertson Hearing clinic.